Exciting news at Karpet Kingdom as we introduce the latest addition to our collection – the Pure Elegance range of carpets from our esteemed stockist, Abingdon Flooring. Representing the epitome of sophistication within our Stainfree line, this exquisite carpet is meticulously crafted with a 10th gauge for a luxurious finish and features an elevated polypropylene twist, ensuring optimal performance.

Despite its robust composition, the advanced yarn technology imparts a velvety softness akin to a nylon carpet, all without the additional cost. This unique blend combines the plush feel of a premium saxony with the durability of a twist.

Ideal for high-traffic areas such as living rooms, hallways, and stairs, the Pure Elegance range comes with our Stainfree for Life Guarantee, providing protection against common household stains. Additionally, for those everyday spills, Pure Elegance is bleach cleanable.

Proudly manufactured in the U.K., Pure Elegance exemplifies our dedication to quality and is backed by an impressive 12 Year Wear Warranty, distinguishing it as one of the top-performing carpets in the market today.

With a palette featuring 17 contemporary shades, Pure Elegance effortlessly elevates a sense of modern sophistication and refinement. Offering a color for every preference, it seamlessly integrates into any interior design aesthetic.

Pure Elegance

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