Caring For Your New Carpet – Helpful Tips

  • In the first few weeks of having your new carpet fitted, vacuum daily (if feasible), as loose fibres can often work their way to the surface of the carpet and regular vacuuming helps to remove these. Long-term, regularly vacuuming your carpet helps to prevent dirt and grit from building up within the carpet fibre and helps to keep the carpet tufts upright.
  • If a piece of the carpet fibre stands above the carpet surface, never pull it out. Pulling the fibre out will just make it worse by tearing the carpet away from the backing. Instead, you should use scissors to trim the fibre to the level of the rest of the carpet tuft.
  • Use Welcome Mats next to any exterior doors to encourage guests to clean their shoes before entry and in order to help trap dirt and moisture before it is transferred onto your new carpet. Make sure that you regularly clean and vacuum your welcome mats, so they don’t end up dirty and assisting the movement of dirt onto your carpet.
  • Try not to wear shoes in your house. The soles of shoes or trainers carry dirt from outside and can cause noticeable wear on carpet fibres. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to take off their shoes too!
  • Often when a new carpet is fitted, a slight odour can remain. This could be from the carpet, the underlay or any adhesives that have been used in the process of fitting the carpet. You should try to ventilate the room by opening windows and interior doors to allow air flow. The odour should disappear within a matter of days.
  • Be careful when using Carpet Power. Whilst it can make your room smell immediately fresh, without proper vacuuming techniques, you can easily leave behind residue in the carpet. This can even result in white stains on the surface of your carpet.
  • Whilst it’s common sense to avoid spilling liquids onto your new carpet, it can be advisable to make small changes to your eating/drinking habits in order to prevent spillages. For example, if you have small children, try your best to get them to eat at the table and ensure all drinks are placed to the middle of the table to try and limit the damage of spillages.
  • For carpets with a cut pile, it’s recommended you use a vacuum fitted with a beater bar or brushes. For loop pile carpets, it’s best to use a vacuum without a beat bar or brushes!