There’s no doubt about, a new floor can make you feel like you have a new home. At Karpet Kingdom we know how important your new floor is to you and we work hard to make sure that experience is seamless and enjoyable. So, here are our top tips for making sure you get that new home feel, one step at a time.

Step One: Get The Right Fit

It’s so important to know the size of your room to make sure you plan your new floor in a budget without any nasty surprises. Once you know the size of your room, you can pick the right floor at the right price. We suggest as a guide to get the total square metres you require, measure the room at its widest points and multiply the two measurements. Of course, our in house estimators will be visiting your home to get the measurements prior to installation to make sure the flooring is accurately delivered.

Step Two: Know Your Style

Naturally, we all like to look at this step first and will probably have a good idea of what we’re looking for when we start shopping.There are important practical things to consider such as; levels of traffic – more often used areas such as stairs will need a hardwearing fibre in contrast to bedrooms and living rooms where we can go for a softer more ‘foot-sinking’ feel. Equally, kitchens and bathrooms we need a material that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Then it’s time to get creative and think about your home style – do you want bold colours, patterns or stripes? Perhaps you want to go for neutral tones such as beige and grey. It’s good to have an idea of what you want but equally try and keep an open-mind when you visit one of our showrooms as we have a great range of floors to suit every style.

Step Three: Out With The Old

We want to make our shopping and installation experience as seamless as possible which is why our stores offer a room clearance service for your old flooring.

Step Four: Clear the Decks

When our installers arrive please ensure that your room is clear of all furniture and where possible cables are out of the way.

Step Five: Let Us Work Our Magic

Our 20+ professional team of selected local fitters are well experienced in fitting flooring of all kinds.

Step Six: Relax and Enjoy

Once you’ve put your room back together we recommending relaxing in your newly revamped room with a cup of tea and a few biscuits – be careful not to drop any crumbs on the new floor though!