Everyone knows that neutral carpets will never go out of style and whilst bold and vibrant coloured flooring can add a new dimension to your home, there’s a lot to be said for staying neutral. Looking at grey carpets which have continued to rise in popularity in recent years, there are a huge range of accessories available in different colours and styles to inject personality into your home.

Pair it with Pastels

A charcoal grey carpet can be complemented perfectly with beautiful pastel tones to create a calm and relaxing environment. Look at peppermint green, blush pink and soft lilac cushions, curtains and lampshades to finish your room.

Be Bold

At the opposite scale if you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home you can contrast your dove grey carpet with deep mustard, emerald green or cobalt blue soft furnishings such as; wall paper, blinds and sofas.

The beauty of a neutral carpet is that you can change the theme of your room quickly and at a relatively low budget to suit your style, follow trends or even to suit the seasons.

Speaking of, you can still get your carpet in time for Christmas!