Living Coral – Pantone 16-1546.

Living Coral is an animated and life-affirming shade of pink, with a golden undertone and vibrant, mellow hue. Living Coral is a world away from Millennial Pink and can be tastefully used across the home interior to inject invigorating colour, when you follow some of Karpet Kingdom’s top interior design tips:

Experiment with the Colour

Don’t dive in and start painting entire rooms Coral Pink – play around with Coral Pink accessories first. Experiment with decorative accessories, lampshades, blankets, upholsteries and get a feel for how the shade can tastefully inject vibrant colour, into any room.

Experimenting with accessories means you can play with Coral Pink in your home and at a low cost, whilst still allowing you to move away from the shade if it doesn’t suit your home… and your local charity will benefit from some donations too!

Consider a Feature Wall

If you’ve experimented with Coral Pink accessories and decided it’s a shade that you’d like to work into your home, then a feature wall could be just for you. Feature walls are intended to have a high impact and Coral Pink can give an impressive statement that will add the wow-factor to your home.

Coral Pink can help bring light and comfort to a neglected area of your home and give you the perfect back-drop to showcase your music records, books or art. Don’t have anything to make a feature wall with just yet? Coral Pink works beautifully with copper, brass, pewter and stainless steel, so keep that in mind when looking for light fittings, photo frames, mirrors or shelving to use on your new feature wall.

Pair Coral Pink with Blue

As the name suggests, Coral Pink takes inspiration from Coral Reefs – one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. Coral Reefs are a source of sustenance and shelter to sea life – making the shade a natural partner for blue and a dynamic combination.

Pink Coral can be used to give a nostalgic vibe to your bathroom or en-suite and can inject a summery, tropical feel into your home, throughout the seasons.

Coral Pink the Pantone Colour of 2019.