How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

It can be tricky to decide when you should change your mattress but with Karpet Kingdom’s top tips, we can help you make the perfect call, of when it’s time to say goodbye to your trusted sleeping partner! Sleeping is a key part of everyone’s life, health and well being, so making sure you get the best night’s sleep is essential and having a comfortable mattress is key to that.


Uncomfortable Nights and Mornings

If you wake up in the morning, feeling stiff or with aches and pains, it’s a tell-tale sign that potentially your mattress isn’t providing your body with the support you need. If you find it difficult to fall asleep or regularly wake up in the night, this could be another sign that you’re struggling to get comfortable in your bed and on your mattress.

As a mattress ages, it doesn’t reduce motion transfer as effectively as it did when new. This is an issue in a shared bed, as the mattress needs to be comfortable and supportive for both partners – no matter how much they steal the duvet!


Has your Body Changed

If your body shape has changed in the last couple of years, through weight loss or gain (it happens to us all!), it’s possible that your mattress is no longer comfortable for your new shape. With adults, this factor in purchasing a new mattress is often ignored, as we only consider children to have rapidly changing bodies – who of course need new mattresses as they continue to grow up.


Wear and Tear

If you can feel and see that multiple springs have gone – or there’s a visible dip in the middle, then without a shadow of a doubt, it’s time to change the mattress. If you can hear more and more noises from your mattress, such as creaking or pinging, throughout the night, then you should consider changing your mattress as soon as you can, as it’s no longer in sound condition.


Unwanted Guests

Aging mattresses can provide the ideal conditions for dead skin cells, allergens, germs and bedbugs – which can happen even if you wash your sheets and duvet regularly. If you notice signs of any unwanted guests, you should consider having your mattress professionally cleaned or depending on age, invest in a new mattress.

Over 8 Years Old?

It’s widely accepted in both the mattress industry and amongst the Sleep Council, that you replace mattress every eight years, as its been proven that at this stage in any mattress’s lifespan, it will have lost much of the support and comfort that it provided when brand new.

Mattresses are covered in sheets and duvets for the majority of their lifespan, so it’s not always obvious when it’s time to change it. However, if you notice any of the above issues – then it’s a sign that it’s time to change and Karpet Kingdom will only be too happy to help you make the best decision, for the perfect night’s sleep!

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